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What is Internet personal loan ?

What is “Internet personal loan”?

Internet personal loan means the service which people can borrow money (loan) through internet. Some time ago, if people want to borrow money (personal loan), they can only go to the branch, and apply at the reception counter in person. Few years ago, some companies started to accept applications by auto machine and telephone. Now, internet loan service, which enable customers to apply for loan online securely, is brought to Hong Kong.

To apply loan via internet, it is no need to meet anyone, which is efficient to protect one’s privacy. This make customers feeling more secured. Besides, for those who got to work having no time to visit the branch, and those who are not available at daytime, Internet loan service will be a very good option for them. They can apply for the loan 24 hours in 365 days, which is so convenient. It is especially suitable for Hong Kong people, whose life is always busy.

In the past, there are always comments like “strange service”, “is it tricky?”, “there were many cheats”, “worried about the privacy” etc. on internet loan service. People do not trust the service, and not much people tried the service. The finance companies introduced by this website, all having security measures to protect customers’ privacy properly, it is unnecessary to worry about the above mentioned problem. This website gives you information of the trustworthy finance companies, we hope we can help you to find the most pleasant money life.

Not only for those who have experiences on borrowing from finance companies, we will introduce and explain the Internet personal loan services with an easy understanding approach for the beginners. And we will do updates from time to time.

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What is Internet personal loan ?

How to make use of Internet personal loan ?

What is the merit and defect? What is the difference with borrowing in branch?

Internet loan VS Branch loan

  • Busy people who cannot visit the branch
  • Can get the loan without meeting anyone
  • Convenient and fast to use the internet loan service

For people who need to work in daytime, they usually do not have time to visit the branch during business hours. Internet Loan seems to be more convenient for people with this life style..

People like going to the shop they visited before, which is secure and convenient. For people who have no experience on internet loan, most of them are actually doubted about the application procedure..


Who can make use of Internet personal loan ?

Example cases. What kind of people can use Internet personal loan?

Case A OL

Loan : Case A OL

Case A OL

She works in office on Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm. This month, she shopped a lot by credit card. She wanted to borrow loans to settle the credit card outstanding. After introducing by her friends, she tried to use the easy and convenient internet loan the first time…

Case B Business Man

Loan : Case B Business Man

Case B Business Man

This month is his girlfriend’s birthday. He needs money, but he is too busy that it is difficult for him to visit the shop for borrowing in person. Recently, he discovered that there is internet loan service when browsing the web. The service sounds convenient, but…

Case C Civil Servant

Loan : Case C Civil Servant

Case C Civil Servant

He likes photography, the new camera model is released this month. He also has to go traveling with family. The financial condition became a bit tight. He is having several loans, but at the same time he feels troublesome to visit the branch in person. When he searched for the branch list on the web, he discovered the Internet personal loan service…


Internet personal loan providers

Finance companies listed below are those we recommended. You can use their services without worries because they are using good security system.

Loan : UA Finance

UA Finance

Number of branch is no.1 in HK. Its TV commercial is very popular. Internet loan service is also started recently.

Example cases. What kind of people can use Internet personal loan?

Loan : Finance One

Finance One

The only professional Internet personal loan company in HK. Its selling point is convenient because the whole money lending procedure can be completed online. And it is founded in Japan which sounds reliable.

Loan : Credit Gain

Credit Gain

Now expanding its branch networking, also developing internet loan service. It is the first among the finance companies to make use of iPhone apps for loan application.


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